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C-22 film Processing

Available from these film sizes: 126, 127, 35mm, 120, 620. We process these old films as Black & White negatives, since the color chemicals are no longer available. The negatives are usually very dense and are very low in contrast. We optimize the contrast and brightness of each image to make a 4x6" or 4x4" Lustre print and save the improved images onto a CD. Only about 25% of these pre-1975 films have any printable images.

Identifying C-22 Film

C-22 film was made by many companies with a large variety of lebeling. Here is a partial list of manufacturer, brands, and process names that can identify this type of film.

  • 22
  • 3M Color Print
  • Ansco Color
  • ASA 80 (Minox)
  • Brilliant film
  • Color MN19
  • Color Negative
  • Color Print 64
  • Directacolor
  • Ektacolor Type S
  • Famous Brands
  • FCA
  • Ferrania Color Film
  • FK Color
  • Focal Color Print
  • Fotomat
  • GAF Color Print
  • Inter Color
  • Karanzcolor N21
  • Karanzcolor N19
  • Kodacolor-X
  • Kodak Kodacolor
  • Made in Belgium
  • Mark IV
  • Mark V
  • Montgomery Ward Color Print ASA80
  • Oga Color
  • Paragon
  • Picture Pac Color Picture
  • Prinz Color
  • Process 22
  • Revue
  • Revue Colour 2000
  • Ring Foto
  • Sakuara
  • Sears Color
  • Thrifty Color Neg
  • Titan
  • Triple Print
  • Triple Print G25
  • Tura Color
  • Twin Pix
  • Valcolor

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