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If you would like to post your professional photographs on the internet for your clients to access and place orders any time of day, consider using Darkroom software interfaces seamlessly with, giving you all the tools you need to build your personal storefront. There are no upfront costs or monthly fees. Rather, PhotoReflect collects a 15% commission, plus a 3% credit card processing fee, on each order that you sell online. (The commission rate is reduced for studios selling substantial volume on

Step-by-Step Image Uploading

To post images on PhotoReflect:

  1. Choose the “My Storefront” tab in Darkroom’s main menu (along the bottom of the program)

  2. Choose “Sign Up Now” in the lower right corner. You will choose your own unique PhotoReflect storefront name and password as you sign up for your internet storefront account.

  3. Choose “My Setup” on the bottom right menu of Darkroom.

  4. Click on "Photographer Info" and "Your Internet Account." Fill in the User Name and Password you created on your sign-up.

  5. Choose “Photo Library” at the bottom left main menu.

  6. Select the catalog of photos you would like to “publish” to your storefront. Right-click on that catalog, and “Publish Catalog.”

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