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Setting up Print Groups and Packages in Darkroom Web Edition


As you setup Darkroom’s options you will create a “Package” for each item you want to have available to order from our lab. When you create these “Packages,” we suggest you assign package names that describe the specific items you will be ordering. That will reduce confusion and errors when you create print orders. If you intend to offer several paper surfaces to your clients, we suggest you include the paper surface in the package name. Here are examples of names you might create for your packages:

4x6 Proof, Lustre
1 – 11x14 Lustre
1 – 8x10 Metallic
2 – 5x7 Glossy
8 – Wallets Matte
1 – 5x7 and 2 – Wallets, Lustre
50 – Greeting Cards, Glossy

There are two simple steps for creating each Package: “Add Package” and “Add Lab Print Item.” The second step associates the specific Camera Shop print item with the package you have created.

Step-by-Step Package Configuration:

  1. In “My Setup” tab, choose “Package Groups.”

  2. Click “New Group” in the left margin. “New Package Group” window opens.

  3. Change the New Group Name to “Camera Shop Packages.”

  4. Click OK, and notice that “Package 1” was created as the first (default) package under Camera Shop Packages. Double-click on “Package 1” and give it a new name, like one we suggested above. If you will be publishing this package on your internet storefront, assign a Package Price. (If you don’t assign a price, you will be asked if you want to give the package away free.)

  5. Click on “Add Lab Print Item” in the upper right corner. A window opens, displaying the numerous products available from The Camera Shop. We have organized them into the following categories separated by this spacer: <><><><><><><><><><><><>

  6. Thrift – No exposure or color corrections are applied at the lab
    Premium – We custom correct the color, exposure & contrast
    Photo Gift and Novelty Items
    Greeting Cards and Trading Cards
    Wide Format Prints
    Canvas Prints – Mounted on a stretcher bar, or unmounted (Raw)
    Finished Prints – Mounted on 1/4” gator foam or 1/8” matboard

  7. Scroll down the list, find and click on the print (or prints) you want to associate with your package. Click OK at the bottom of the window. You should see the package name highlighted at the left edge of the screen, and the Lab Print Item you have chosen in the center of the screen.

  8. To add your next package, click “Add Package” on the left edge of the screen. Again, change the default package name to your desired package name, assign a selling price, and click OK. Repeat step #5 and #6 to associate a Camera Shop print item with your package.

Repeat step #7 as you build more packages. You may also want to create “New Groups,” perhaps one group for Thrift prints and another for Premium prints, or groups based on specific packages you sell to various clients: SPORTS; WEDDINGS; PORTRAITS; etc.

Now that you have completed all the basic steps of configuring Darkroom, let’s learn how to create catalogs, edit your images, and place orders for prints.

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